The Better Vitamin D Supplement

We’ve worked hard to make Decara the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade vitamin D product on the market.

When you choose Decara, you know you’re not just getting a vitamin D supplement. You’re getting a product designed to be the best.

The Best Capsules

We’ve partnered with one of the best capsule manufacturers in the world to bring you the best vitamin D product on the market. Our capsules are easier to swallow and do a better job of protecting the vitamin D from oxidation than any two-piece capsule. That means Decara is easy to swallow and is free of the leakage and oxidation problems that come with some other vitamin D products.

The Best Vitamin D

We use vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol, rather than ergocalciferol, in our products. Cholecalciferol is the more “natural” form of vitamin D and is produced in the skin following exposure to the right UV-B radiation. Ergocalicerfol (vitamin D2), on the other hand, is produced by a small number of plants, fungae, and lichen. These two forms are not equivalent and do not form equivalent metabolites. A growing body of evidence shows that cholecalciferol is the form preferred by our bodies.

We also use the best source of cholecalciferol for Decara. Commercial cholecalciferol comes from one of two sources: fish or sheep’s wool. The former generally comes from fish liver, and supplements using this source will typically list “fish liver oil” in their ingredients. This form is not vegetarian (the fish are killed), is not environmentally friendly (sustainability issues), and is also less healthy. Not only are there the risks of contaminants that come whenever fish is used, such as mercury and PCBS, but fish liver tends to be very high in vitamin A. Vitamin A toxicity becomes a very real possibility for people consuming fish liver, especially during pregnancy.

Decara, on the other hand, uses sheep’s wool as the source for vitamin D. Lanolin, the oil that makes sheep coats water-proof, is also rich in 7-dehydrocholesterol, the same precursor vitamin D molecule we have in our skin. This 7-dehydrocholesterol is carefully purified and then irradiated with the same UV-B radiation required by our skin in order to form cholecalciferol. The end product is a sustainable, safer, contaminant-free vitamin D3, with no animals harmed in the process.

Additionally, our vitamin D comes in a more bio-available liquid form, rather than the powder form some competitors use.

The Vitamin D for Patients with Dietary Restrictions

We offer Decara in both Softgels and Vegicaps! The Vegicaps are completely free of animal products. They’re gluten and sugar free, too.